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Arsenio Pastor "Saltarín Rojo" Erico Martínez

Arsenio Pastor "Saltarín Rojo" Erico Martínez

*30.03.1915 (Asunción, Paraguay)
†23.07.1977 (Castelar, Argentina)


1931–1932: Nacional (Paraguay)
1933–1946: Independiente (Argentina)
1947: Huracán (Argentina)
1947: Nacional (Paraguay)


1938: Meister mit Independiente
1939: Meister mit Independiente

Story of his live

Arsenio Erico Pastor Martinez was one of those people destined to success in the life. The enormous soccer talent of Arsenio Erico
An artist with the ball
Arsenio Erico was already emphasized in the beginning of his career and there was no doubt that it was going to be a star in Paraguayan soccer. The way of being of the young Arsenio and the circumstances in which he became a soccer player that influenced Pa'i Perez (pa'i is the highest religious authority in Guaraní's native communities) predicted that he would be the best Paraguayan soccer player. Quickly, Arsenio Erico
Erico at the title of the
argentine Soccermagazine
'El Gráfico'
Arsenio went from the little soccer fields to professional soccer. Arsenio Erico has been the first Paraguayan, whose way took him to the international soccer. Later, some followed its example players like Juan Angel Romero, Cayetano Re and Eladio Zárate.

It was in 1932, during a tour of friendly games in Argentina, when He drew the attention of a numerous public for the first time, by his goals, his soccer potential and his extraordinary physique. What caused even more admiration in people was, nevertheless, his way of being. Thus, his transfer to the traditional club Independiente of Buenos Aires did not take much time and the Paraguayan centre-forward had become one of legendary eleven of the history of Argentine soccer. The advantages composed by him, Vicente de la Mata and Antonio Sastre, scored (down) a total 556 goals in the 13 years playing for Independiente Club. Arsenio Erico
Arsenio in the 70th
In those days, the Argentinean press invented each colourful nicknames trying to describe his game: "Jumping Red", the "Rubber Man", the "Golden Paraguayan" or simply the "semi god", to mention some. Years after his retirement, in the stadium of the Independiente Club, all gave tribute to him shouting Arsenio Erico andArsenio Erico
Erico with
"Paraguay... Paraguay... ", something that cannot be devalued taking into account the enormous rivalry that exists between both countries, and not only on soccer matters.

To Alfredo Di Stéfano, Erico was without a doubt the best one. In the same way the Brazilian legend Leonidas and Benítez Cáceres from Boca Juniors expressed it. It was in an event organized by the Association of Argentinean Soccer and the Paraguayan Soccer Association in tribute to the player that the president of the AFA(Argent. Soccer Assoc.) regretted that Erico had not been Argentinean, where on the other hand that also made remember the ridiculous amount that had been paid for the transfer of Erico at that time: 2000 pesos.

Up to this date, in South America, the name of Arsenio Erico is synonymous (as much) for goals as well as for a deep passion by soccer.

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